The Old Barrel Store looks forward to welcoming you to Margate. The Old Barrel Store combines the perks of a boutique property with the privacy and independence of a family friendly cottage. Rarely available parking and garden, children's toys and games, DVD and book library, wifi.

We will contact you in advance to ensure the house is set up in the best way for you. We'll send you lots of information about the house and local area in advance so you can plan your stay and will be on hand in advance to answer any questions. Self check in and out are available to enable you to arrive and depart at your convenience.

In the meantime contact us for more information, read about the house here and get in touch to book your stay. 


Antique Mahogany Vono Beds

TWIN IRON BED FRAMES AND BOTTOM SPRUNG BASE MADE BY STAPLES UNDER ROYAL WARRANT TO HM the QUEEN - can also be made up as a King Size bed. Vintage antique original staples and co single bed frames, complete with Vono mahogany headboard and foot base and silex noiseless coil springs.

Staples and Co have been hand-making beds since 1895. This particular bed has a Royal warrant originally granted by King George V. In October 1915, the King was advised by his physicians to sleep on a Staples bed after an accident.  The unique construction of which had already demonstrated its superiority in maintaining correct spinal support, which we now recognize as being an essential ingredient in healthy, restful sleep.  The fact that written permission had been given to the state that the bed had “given satisfaction” to the King was used in all literature and advertisements by the Company.  In the ensuing years similar beds were supplied to many of the Royal Residences.  These original frames and mattresses are Staples No.1 Mattress by appointment to HM The Queen.